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"I am They are WE are Untamed Talent"
           UNTAMED TALENT...A movement of artists who advocate and service communities of color through performances, community based projects and outreach. Through our shows and talents, Untamed Talent contributes to the elevation of our culture. Our stage is our platform to issues that are affecting the communities that we come from and the world at large. Untamed Talent consist of:

*Actors *Singers *Rappers *Poets
*Comedians *Hosts *Radio Personalities *Authors
*Activists  *Educators *Parents *Men *Women *Survivors *Mentors
Radio Show Hosts
(Cyn's Write a request" & "And That's Just Why Radio")
Accomplished Authors
( "Wordplay" & "And that's Just Why Your Ass Is Still Single")
 Accomplished Actors
 ("Children of Killers" &  "King of paper Chasing")
("Inception","E.A.T." & "Oral Fixation") 
    Owners of clothing lines
( "P*SSY Protest" & "Untamed Universe") 
               C.E.O of Not of a Profit Organization dedicated to restoring Haiti
And so much more

“Untamed Talent is more than just a bunch of poets. It's support for some, family for others...inspiration for all..."



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