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Sunday's Message of February 16th, 2014
The Girdle Rebellion
My team-tha real
July 13th 2013 Sunday Message
Love Thyself ALWAYS


Traveling Shoes


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Untamed Thoughts

Sunday's Message of February 16th, 2014

"Rosa parks took a charge; that's a sacrifice".. I am quoting from the Soul Tape Volume 3, if you don't know what that is family then you do not know what your truly missing, much respect to fabolous (hip hop artist). Tonight's message comes with an urgency that I pray everyone who reads it reacts to. For years now we say we want to do better, but settle,  blaming missed opportunities and false promises. We say we feel good when people ask us how we're doing, but have sicker minds than psychotic patients in shutter island. Why is it that every time we take 1 step forward, we take 3 steps back, blame a higher power and pity ourselves in past endeavors? Maybe we're scared of reaching our full potential. Scared to let all hindrance die an eventual death; but you're alive...yeah right. The saddest part about delivering this message is going to my bed knowing that many of you will wake up and still not do any justice for your life tomorrow. Prove YOURSELF WRONG AND RECTIFY YOUR LIFE NOW! #MESSAGE!!!

The Girdle Rebellion

Walking the streets of NYC, I see all kinds of "interesting" things. The burning question for many is " WTF are you wearing??? Too often this question pops up when I see my fellow thick chicks.  While I applaud some for being comfortable in their skin to wear what they want, isn't presentation apart of pride? WTF is your girdle, spanx or some other "smoothing body" clothing that will help pull you together?
It hurts my heart to see these beautiful women with rolls hangin over their pants, entire stomachs just hanging and giggly,  backbreasts hanging out the back of a shirt, titties hanging to their knees AND THEY'RE WEARING A BRA!

My team-tha real

What can i say about my team...they are the greatest and teach me every day...I love them beyond words

July 13th 2013 Sunday Message

There are a lot of things we need to talk about family. There are lots of things that we need to address, get off of our chest and remove from our eyes. Society's pull on us is heavy- that verdict said so. The immense ignorance that came after it is also a big one. Tonight's message is about "Standing YOUR ground" without having to be forced to when it's convenient. This past week I took myself personally out of something that, initially, would humble me, make me wiser in areas I had lacked wisdom and give me a clearer sense of an understanding I have always yearned for- I walked away from it.

Love Thyself ALWAYS

Its interesting what we give up for "Love". School, careers, morals...all pushed to the side in the name of what is supposed to be love.
One spends years, compromising self for the sake of the other person. Not wanting to be too demanding, too needy, too whiney, too angry, too....ANYTHING. You make every attempt to be what they want, at every moment. And this is supposed to make you happy right? You can surely find some happy moments even in the midst of all that compromising.
What happens when you finally find a voice?

We gotta get real with ourselves-Tha Real

Ok so im in the store in my hood (Brownsville) when a young dude and his mother walks in. Its clear that they are from like canarsie of something. Eventhough canarsie is in brooklyn and fairly close to the ville...the culture is wayyyy different.
So they are looking at the heathly drinks and his mother (whom im assuming was from out of town) grabs an energy drink for a dollar...he says "dont ever buy that!!!" then whispers "they only sell that in the ghetto areas" and gives her a 3.

Traveling Shoes...The Birth and Rise of Untamed Talent

Well I've heard the question quite a few times...and since so many really don't know the story...I've decided to tell you (the readers) about how this movement came about...

When I was 14 (Yea that long ago), I became a peer educator. This was my first job and it was an amazing one. I got to act, have fun and get paid...it was crazy. We were based in Brownsville in the 90s and went everywhere. From schools and churches to Rikers Island. We used improvisational theater, meaning no script.

Let's Talk- The "Plan B" Pill for Kids

Last Night on Cyn's Write A Request, We discussed the program that was just expanded in NYC Schools to allow our girl children to have access to "the morning-after" pill.
Do you think that our school system should be providing this option for our kids?
What do you think is wrong with this program?
What do you think can be done to make this program work?
What do you suggest as alternatives to this program?
Weight in on the conversation. Let us know your thoughts.
Cyn's Write A Request

Train Stories- The Revelation of Religion

For 35minutes on the A train this morning...A man preached.
My only question is: Do evangelists think that screaming "The Word" at you...at the top of their lungs will make you accept what their saying??
Some how the volume and aggression they preach with, will give you the epiphany to assume they are right...
I understand that one needs to be heard when they preach...but what really does the badgering do??? NOTHING, but make people to ignore you!
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#RMP...The Evolution Of Parenting- Tha Real

Every morning, I take my kids to school and everyday I see parents rush their kids into the building not even telling these kids they love em or have a good day. Then these same parents wanna go ape-shit because a teacher tried to talk to them about how their child isn't socially up to speed with the other kids. My favorite is the parents that come in the cars, dressed like they're on their way to a photo shoot but shawtys uniform is dirty or wrinkled...shout out to the hamper kids...parents texting while walking not even listening to the child tell them bout the bully in school and then surprised when their child kill the bully or themselves. If everything is first learned at home I am truly concerned for our future cause 'we are raising a generation of emotionally numb children that will know how to text and email but not how to communicate....ps Shoutout to the dads who get their kids for the weekend...2 days is better than NO days...
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